Jiajie Xu


I am joining the University of Iowa's Tippie College of Business as an Assistant Professor in Finance as well as Chris and Elise Klein Faculty Excellence Fellow in Summer 2022.

My main research areas are Entrepreneurial Finance, Innovation, Corporate Finance, and Urban Econ/Real Estate.

Email: jiajie-xu@uiowa.edu

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[1] Is There a Trade-Off between Protecting Investors and Promoting Entrepreneurial Activity? Evidence from Angel Financing

  • Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Forthcoming

  • Featured in World Bank Blogs

[2] Do Place-Based Policies Promote Local Innovation and Entrepreneurship? with Xuan Tian

  • Review of Finance, Forthcoming

Working Papers

[3] The Effect of Tax Incentives on Local Private Investments and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

  • Conferences: 2022 AEA, 2022 NBER SI, 2022 EuropeanFA, 2022 NFA, 2022 MFA, 2022 NASMES, 2022 ICEA-Taxation and Innovation, 2021 UEA, 2021 FMA, 2022 OSU PhD Conference on Real Estate and Housing, 2022 Monash FMCG

[4] Angels and Venture Capitalists: Complementarity versus Substitution, Financing Sequence, and Relative Value Addition to Entrepreneurial Firms with Thomas Chemmanur and Harshit Rajaiya

  • Semi-Finalist for the FMA Best Paper Award, 2021

  • Featured in CLS Blue Sky Blog

  • Conferences: 2021 NFA, 2021 FMA, 2022 EFMA, 2022 CIRF

[5] Product Life-Cycle and Initial Public Offerings with Tina Oreski

  • Conferences: 2022 AFA (Poster), 2022 FMA, 2022 TADC, 2022 CIRF, 2021 ENTFIN, 2021 AFFI, 2021 SFI Research Day

[6] Trading Restriction as a Channel of Financial Contagion: Evidence from China's Stock Market with Laura Xiaolei Liu and Ninghua Zhong

  • Featured in VoxChina

  • Conferences: 2017 CICF, 2021 China Meeting of the Econometric Society, 2020 Guanghua School of Management Alumni Research Forum,